A wise man doesn't ask questions for five times in his life.
A wise man doesn't ask questions for five times in his life.
Life meets everywhere, and the world is separated from each other.


as the old saying goes:

"things in the world are numerous and complicated, and things in the world are simple and clear, with distinct branches and leaves."

I think so.

people with heavy worries always worry about themselves, and people with simple minds never ask for trouble.

not all things in the world are causal right or wrong. Really smart people never know how to ask questions for the rest of their lives.

if you can do the same, your life will be much easier and happier.

fate does not ask the result

Bai Luomei wrote in "if you are well, it will be a sunny day":

"if there is fate, thousands of mountains of twilight snow, thousands of miles of clouds, will eventually meet again. If there is no chance, from then on, it will be difficult to meet at the ends of the earth. "

people are doomed by karma for whom they meet or miss in this life.

some people say goodbye as soon as they come along, some people never leave when they come to you, why cling to a process, why beg for a result, cherish the encounter, is to have it.

you should know that in a relationship, it is the best arrangement to meet at the right time or break up at the end of the song, because there is no regret to be able to fall in love with each other.

Life meets everywhere, the world is separated from each other.

the fate of gathering and scattered is the norm of life. All we can do is to cherish meeting, meeting, smiling and parting, and everything goes with fate.

fall in love and never ask about the past

the biography says:

"what good is it to think about the past? The only thing to do is to rest assured. "

We pay more attention to everything about our loved ones, so we always like to peep into the past and bring up old things. we are painstaking and full of doubts, but in the end, we get hurt the most.

truly wise people never ignore the present for the sake of the past that has changed the story.

whether it was vigorous love or bruises all over the body in the past, there is no way to change it. If you care too much, it will only hurt your heart.

learn to bid farewell to the past, no longer cling to the past, life will not draw a circle as a prison.

there are always some regrets in love that cannot be perfected. It is the great wisdom of the world to ask no questions about the past, not to think about the past, to love in front of us, and to cherish the present.

I have not participated in your past; I will accompany you to the end of your future.

leave regardless of the return date

Yibei wrote in "mature years":

"all parting is a sad sentence, but people all hope that parting is not a full stop, but a dash pointing to a warm tomorrow with a smile."

as long as we miss each other, all parting will turn into a surprise after a long separation.

in the past, we always practiced our parting with great fanfare and vowed to meet each other, but later, we were busy with each other, we could not help it, the date of return was uncertain, and the reunion dragged on again and again.

Smart people no longer ask questions, but wait silently.

to meet each other better in the future, to ease all thoughts and the pain of parting, is precisely the touching achievement of meeting.

it is rare in life to get together. There are only many parting. I would like to cherish it when we gather together and cherish each other after parting.

the world does not ask whether it is right or wrong

unintentional Zen master said: "there is no right or wrong in the world, people are different, ideas are different, and everyone's principles and positions are different."


things in the world are not always black and white, and most of the time, no matter what you say, you can't satisfy everyone.

therefore, do not always judge others by your own standards, know how to think of others, do not ask right or wrong, do everything with your heart, treat everyone sincerely, it is the wisdom of the world.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced black and white prom dresses? Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

whether it is right or wrong, there is no need to struggle. Life is in a hurry and there are three thousand troubles. It is better to look down on it and smile calmly.

if you have to worry about why in everything, ask clearly, it will make your body tired and upset.

A wise man does not ask why he is right or wrong when something happens, he is carefree and fearless, and he is naturally light.

Don't ask the afterlife in this life

Yu Guangzhong said such a sentence:

"the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world."

show the fate between people incisively and vividly.

for the previous life, we have no memory, and the afterlife is illusory, not real, many fate, do not miss it, do not miss it, the afterlife will continue.

there is really no afterlife in this world. All you can grasp is this life.

the love of this life is still alive, regardless of the afterlife, people in this life cherish this life, do not allow other years.

do not ask the afterlife wheel circuit, but cherish the love of mulberry and elm in this life.

things are changeable, and we will encounter a lot of complicated things, which will lead to a lot of annoyance and confusion.

it would be better to be a smart man, "five don't ask" all my life, and let the world change, and I'll just let things happen.

Don't be surprised, watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall;

whether I go or stay unintentionally, I follow the clouds outside the window.

, good night.