A person's great ability to turn the page
A person's great ability to turn the page
To know how to turn the story is a great ability of a person:

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there is a saying in "Fan Si Xun": "there were all kinds of things in the past, such as the death of yesterday; from then on, such as life today."

people's life is like a train that can not turn back. Those who have gone through the road will never be able to start all over again.

if you remember hard, your heart will suffer; learn to turn the page at the right time, life can be open-minded and clear.

all the past is a preface; only by cherishing the present can we set sail.

gain and loss turn the page

I like the words of teacher Da Zeng very much: "since ancient times, everything is hard to come true, and so is good, and so is Lai."

Life cannot be left to people everywhere, there are a lot of ups and downs, and the gains and losses are hard to measure.

think of what happened to a friend the other day.

that day, we are going out to buy some snacks.

I had already taken my mask and key, but my friend suddenly told me that her bus card could not be found.

she said she had gone through all the bags but still couldn't find them.

so the whole person slumped in the chair, sighing and depressed.

when I saw her like this, I whispered, "are you still going?"

I thought she was still struggling with the card, but she didn't want to, so she jumped up and said, "go, why not go, but don't let it affect my mood!"

hearing this, I smiled and knew that she had let it go.

later, when we passed the subway station, she went to get a bus card as if nothing had happened before, and then went home with her things.

I have heard a saying: "what can torture you is nothing but what you care about; what can bother you is nothing but your concern."

Life is a journey that is constantly gained and lost. the more you look at it, the heavier it is like the stone in your backpack, and finally crush yourself.

in life, none of us can go well with everything. What bothers us is never what we have lost, but the obsession that we refuse to let go.

you should know that if you bury the gains and losses of the past into the soil of your future life, you will undoubtedly be most irresponsible for yourself.

turn the page between right and wrong

if you are born a human being, you will inevitably make mistakes; when you interact with others, you will inevitably avoid friction.

but whether it is punishing yourself with other people's mistakes or blaming others with your own mistakes, it is a disaster.

Xu Jie, a literary theorist, once published an article reprimanding the novels written by Shen Congwen, which had a great influence at that time.

and these baseless rebukes have a great impact on Shen Congwen's writing and life.

so that the two had no contact with each other in the following decades.

once, when Xu Jie came to Beijing on business, he thought that his criticism of Shen Congwen was too hasty, so he wanted to visit him.

but he was afraid of being shut out, so he was perturbed for a long time.

I just didn't expect that after the meeting, Shen Congwen entertained him very warmly and did not mention the criticism made many years ago, which made Xu Jie even more sorry.

after returning to Shanghai, he decided to write a letter to Shen Congwen to apologize for his criticism.

but after a long time, he did not receive a reply, thinking that Shen Congwen still had mixed feelings about the events of that year and was very frustrated.

unexpectedly, a few days later, Xu Jie received a reply saying:

" it is mainly that you mention small things, which have never left a trace on my heart. Your repeated mention has made it difficult for me to reply. I do not know how to phrase it, which has become the reason for the delay in replying to your letter.

I hope that after getting this letter, don't take such trifles to heart again. "

those who are right and wrong should not be an obstacle to our progress. Only by turning the page when it is time to turn the page can life suddenly become clear.

learn to let bygones be bygones, and the troubles of life will go with the wind.

try to shake hands and make peace with yourself in the past, so that the journey of life will not be lonely.

turn the page on achievements

Deng Yaping, the world champion of table tennis, has won numerous awards in her 14-year career.

an elder asked Deng Yaping, what did you do with your trophies?

Deng Yaping replied, "my parents use a room as an honor room for those trophies and medals."

the elder smiled faintly and said, you should put them all away.

Deng Yaping listened to the elder's words, thoughtfully, so she put away her former honor.

after retiring, she did not stay in the playground, but reversed her previous achievements and went to Tsinghua University to study.

with an empty cup mentality, she starts from scratch and tries hard to learn something new.

after graduating from Tsinghua University, she continued her studies and finally received her doctorate from Cambridge University.

since then, Deng Yaping is no longer just a world champion, but also an entrepreneur and host.

Li Xiaolai once said, "the most important thing in life is to focus on growth, not success." Because when success happens, it is a thing of the past. "

No matter how brilliant the achievements of the past are, they cannot become the sun of tomorrow. If they are complacent, they will inevitably come to a standstill. Try to let it go, and you may usher in a wider world.

"Life is like tea, empty cup."

when the cup is empty, the tea can be poured in; when you turn the page, the new skills will be unlocked.

if you don't rest assured of your reputation, you will be able to walk lightly and start anew; if you don't talk about your achievements, you will walk wholeheartedly and enjoy yourself.

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A person's great ability: turning the page

Mo Yan once said:

"the world is like a book, the pages are turned over. People should look forward and dig less into the past. "

after going through the world, it is not difficult for us to find that it is a great ability for a person to know how to turn the story.

if you turn over your gains and losses, you will not be sad. If you do not look back, you will not feel tired. If you do not pursue or argue about right or wrong, you will not complain bitterly.

regret to turn the story, do not regret, let go, it will be easy; achievement to turn the story, do not nostalgia, move forward, you will gain a lot.

for the rest of my life, I wish you and I can let go of everything on the road of life, turn the story from time to time, smile, and be light forever.