A few little things to improve happiness, it is recommended to keep them forever!
A few little things to improve happiness, it is recommended to keep them forever!
May the second half of your life, not trapped in the heart, free and casual, chic and magnanimous.



Life is too short to be easy; a happy life is within reach.

grasp bit by bit, taste the true meaning; the password for happiness lies in yourself!


this world belongs to good health

this world does not belong to you, nor to me, but to good health.

exercise is the best care product, the best beauty medicine, and the most cost-effective way to shape yourself.

as the writer Zhou Ling said:

"people who sit for a long time have a lifeless ecosystem like a pool of stagnant water.

Nothing would do you more favor than lavender sparkly prom dress. Spend time and consider this selection.

and people who exercise regularly, the ecosystem in their bodies is more like a clear spring, clean and clear, without a trace of turbid gas. "

people love sports and enjoy physical and mental well-being. Long-term persistence is especially effective.

over time, you will meet a new self.


Drug tonic is not as good as dietary tonic

Food tonic is better than sleep tonic

Sleep is the bath for the tired and the main nutrition for the feast of life.

people who get enough sleep often have healthier bodies and younger faces than others.

as the saying goes, "the tonic of medicine is not as good as that of food, and that of food is not as good as sleep."

the best way to keep a person in good health is to work and sleep regularly and have a good sleep.

put down your phone, go to bed early and get up early, take a proper nap, and get enough sleep so that you can have enough energy to welcome a happy life.


read so that you can meet a better self

Reading, which can enlighten wisdom and nourish the soul, is the best way to recharge the brain.

look at the problem from a variety of angles, and the way of doing things will be much more flexible.

No matter what age you are, learning is not the perfect tense, but the progressive tense.

in this noisy life, you might as well set aside half an hour every day and calm down to read, so that you will meet a better self.


the cleaner your home is, the more blessed you are.

whether a person's room is tidy or not hides his happiness and future.

A room with clean and orderly windows will make people fall in love and feel happy at first sight.

if you want to be happy in life, you might as well start by cleaning the room.

throw away the excess waste, the mood will change from cloudy to sunny.

the cleaner the home is, the quieter the heart is, the more blessed the person is.


Review 10 minutes before going to bed

people who are full of happiness are people with goals.

if you want to avoid detours, you must know how to review in time.

only by knowing clearly what you do every day can you clearly see your growth trajectory.

so give yourself 10 minutes before going to bed and look back on your day:


smiling can create endless value

A person's face is a delicate piece of cloth. It wrinkles when it is sad, but it has a completely different pattern when it is happy.

A smile is like the warm sun in winter and the breeze in spring, which makes people comfortable and drives out their own inner haze at the same time.

A person who smiles a lot, especially one who can keep smiling in times of trouble, will surely turn thorns into smooth roads.

No one's life is plain sailing, people's life is a kind of mentality.

the price of smiling is very small, but it can create infinite value and make you happy.


enjoy the serenity of being alone

make the soul stop

in the current impetuous society, the flowers are becoming more and more attractive, the chase makes people panic, and the hustle and bustle makes people tired.

only by being alone can we take off all our armor and be who we are.

A table and a book, a cup of tea, a quiet afternoon, even if it's just a daze, don't feel at home.

solitude is not only a habitat for the soul, but also a good time for self-reflection and self-appreciation.

No matter how busy or tired you are, let your soul stop, appreciate the exclusive beauty of your alone time, and enjoy the superior happiness that belongs to you.


keep an empty cup mentality and learn to let go

Life is not good to have more, but to have what suits you.

Happiness comes from a contented heart.

for example:

there is coffee in the cup, and people will say it is a cup of coffee;

there is a drink in the cup, and people will say it is a drink;

people will say that this is a cup only if the cup is empty.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "A thousand hectares of fertile land is but three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha only sleeps three feet."

Don't be bound by desires, let go of things that don't belong to you, keep an empty cup, and be who you really are.

you can be free only by simplifying your desires; only by knowing how to be contented can you be happy forever.


refuse to procrastinate and act

sometimes we want to procrastinate when we encounter something, and we may never do it until the deadline.

the secret to overcoming procrastination is to let yourself take action and get things done today.

anything, push yourself, there may be unexpected results.

by then, you will find that all worries are just imaginary enemies.

when things are solved, your stress level will gradually decrease and your happiness will gradually pick up.


record the moments that make you happy

there is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of eyes to find beauty.

the rest of life is very short, life is beautiful, learn to separate yourself from tedious things.

go out to see the scenery of the mountains and rivers, even if it is just a walk in the park, there will be a beauty worthy of your appreciation.

even if it's just one trivial thing in life:

listen to sweet music, buy clothes you like, and taste delicious food. Can make your heart happy.

record the moments that make you happy, and over time you will find that

the happiness and warmth that I once longed for are actually hidden in every daily life.

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