20 hidden rules in the adult world
20 hidden rules in the adult world
If you really turn around, you will always turn into a bull by yourself.


when I was young, happiness was a very simple thing.

A pack of snacks, a new dress and a videotape are all sources of happiness and are easy to be satisfied.

when I grow up, I find that simplicity is a very happy thing.

you don't have to worry about this or that. It's nice to simply get along without intrigue and calculation.

the implication of longing and expectation is that we don't have it yet.

We expect simplicity because we are too complex to have it, and to make matters worse, it is difficult to improve the status quo.

accept what you can't change.

if the adult world is destined to be complex, then we try to survive in it.

here are 20 hidden social rules in the adult world:


Don't judge others easily

pointing fingers at other people's lives

youdao is, don't persuade others to be magnanimous if you don't know what others are suffering.

you have not experienced other people's lives, do not know what others have experienced, then your evaluation will not be objective enough, and will not be qualified to evaluate.

in addition, evaluating and defining others randomly without textual research, especially talking behind their backs, is easy to attract right and wrong and trouble.

the words you say tend to reach the other person's ears and are embellished.


talk well in everything

Don't regard ill-breeding as true temperament

it is often difficult to tell the difference between outspoken and outspoken.

most of the time, what you think is true temperament, forthright and straightforward, is probably uneducated and mean.

as the saying goes, disease comes in from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth.

speak without thinking, without thinking, it is easy to offend people.

people who can talk well tend to be the big winners in life.


Don't dig your heart out to everyone

some people don't eat internal organs

when you trust someone unreservedly, there are only two results in the end:

be either the person in your life or a lesson in your life.

Unfortunately, the latter is more likely.

it is necessary to be sincere to others, but don't dig out your heart and heart to everyone. Some people don't eat internal organs.

if you tell the truth about yourself and your mind, you will often get the wrong payment.

not everyone deserves to be friends. Don't overestimate your position in the eyes of others, or you will be hurt and disappointed.


troubles that can be solved by themselves

try not to cause any trouble

Don't use human feelings to solve things that can be solved with money.

find your own way to solve the problems that can be solved with time and effort.

A good relationship comes out of trouble, and there is a certain truth in this sentence.

but there must be a sense of boundaries and division, no one likes to be disturbed by others, every adult has his own life, and is often unable to protect himself.

never be a righteous hand-holding party.


buy some good wardrobes

the world is quite snobbish

compared with people who drive multimillion-dollar cars with heavy gold chains around their necks, people who drive shabby tricycles always feel like a bully.

the world is really a snob, and the vast majority of people are bullies.

so, if the conditions permit, buy yourself some good wardrobe.

is not to pretend or show off, but to make you look less bullied.


Don't despise or bully others

it's better to be kind

at any time, on any occasion, don't look down on others or even bully others just because they look like bullies and lack of strength.

first, it is easy to get wrong and get slapped in the face, and then it is too late to repent.

second, it is better to be kind. This is not only a matter of character, but sometimes it can save lives.


Don't borrow money easily from others

Don't lend money to others easily

Don't borrow money from relatives and friends unless you have to.

if you can't borrow it, add jam to yourself, borrow it, and add jam to others.

in fact, it is far more reliable to find a reliable platform to borrow money than to borrow it from a friend. It neither embarrasses the friend nor owes anyone a favor, and the chances of borrowing are very high.

with regard to borrowing money, those who can lend you money when you need help must be grateful and return the money on time.

Don't hold a grudge against those who don't lend it to you, because it's not easy for everyone, and not everyone has a mine at home.

these days, there are too many people standing up to borrow money and kneeling to ask for debt, and the heart is unfathomable.


Don't send long voice messages when chatting on Wechat

timely reply is a good quality

nowadays, whether at work or in life, the utilization rate of Wechat is very high.

when chatting and communicating with people, some people like to send voice, which is a long voice for tens of seconds, which is actually very bad..

it is convenient for you, but it may not be convenient for the other party to listen.

one is that the occasion may not allow it, and the other is your poor Mandarin, so the other person often has to listen to it back and forth several times to figure out what you are talking about.

in addition, there are some things to pay attention to when chatting and socializing on Wechat:

similar to bank account number and ID card, do not send screenshots if you can copy and paste them.

if you receive a message, reply as soon as possible. If you procrastinate, you may forget it.


the more familiar people around you

the more likely I don't want you to be Hello

beggars are not jealous of millionaires, but are likely to envy beggars with higher incomes than him.

the more familiar people around you, the less they want you to have a good life, at least not to see you better off than him.

it sounds sad, but that's often the case with human nature.

therefore, don't show off when you are rich, and others may not really bless you.

Don't go around complaining if you have no money. The listeners may not really sympathize with and care about you.


when others laugh at themselves

just listen, don't really go along with

many people have the habit of laughing at themselves and blackening themselves.

whether he is making fun of himself, modesty, or sincerely criticizing himself.

as a bystander, just listen to these words, don't take them seriously, let alone go along with them.

No one likes to be denied, even if he really thinks he can't, but you can't say he can't.


Don't complain

either endure in silence or leave decisively

you are not happy with your work or sharing with your friends. When you encounter such things, don't talk to anyone everywhere.

especially at work, don't complain to other colleagues even if you are unhappy. You only have two choices:

first, bear it silently and find a way to reverse the situation;

the second is to resign and leave this place.


what you promise to others must be done

Don't promise if you can't do it

Credit is a high-level quality in the adult world, which will determine our overall impression in the eyes of others.

if you agree to what others do, you must work hard to do it, and if you can't do it in the end, give timely feedback and a reasonable explanation.

otherwise, it is easy to give the impression that it is unreliable.


I am not good enough

it's no use knowing too many awesome people

No matter how many great people you know, no matter how good the people you know, if you are not very good yourself, others will not take you seriously.

when you really turn around, you will always turn into a bull on your own.


Don't make a fool of others in public

I can't get off the stage

A man wants face, a tree wants bark.

the more people who don't have the real materials, the more they like to stick green onions in their noses and put on airs.

when you meet such a person, just know it in your heart, don't expose him in public, don't let him make a fool of himself in a crowded situation.

if you let him down, even if the problem is over, he will get back at you in the future.

when words are not full and things are not done, they are often paving the way for themselves when they leave room for others.


unreasonable and shameless

sometimes it can solve a lot of problems

youdao is that a good man is deceived and a good horse is ridden.

the reason why people are good is that they bully people who are kind and honest, the price they pay is smaller and the risk is relatively small.

so, if you really want to solve a problem, sometimes you can't be too weak and kind. The more difficult you are, the sooner you can solve the problem, and the less trouble you will have.

it is better to be a man with a little thorn, not to stab others, but only to protect yourself, otherwise you will be hurt without a bottom line.


money is important

money really makes ghosts go around

there are few things in the world that money cannot do. For example, getting out of poverty is not necessarily out of poverty, but there is a good chance of getting out of poverty.

if you want to take care of someone, or if you want to achieve something, please talk less about feelings and more about money.

few people can resist the temptation of interests, if your offer can not impress the other party, then it is often not that the money is not good enough, but the temptation is not big enough.


keep your distance from friends of the opposite sex

is due self-consciousness

in interpersonal communication, no matter how intimate a relationship is, you should pay attention to discretion and distance.

especially when dealing with friends of the opposite sex, we should keep a certain distance, which is the consciousness of an adult, otherwise it is easy to have problems in the end.


Don't lose your temper if you can't.

No one spoils you

people are divided into three classes:

A first-class person with ability but no temper;

second-class people, capable and tempered;

third-class people are incompetent and have a temper.

the most taboo thing about being a person is that you don't have great ability, but you don't have a small temper.

this character is a dead end in society, because no one will spoil you.


invite someone to dinner

Don't yell if you can't make an appointment more than three times

if a person fails to make an appointment several times in a row, the probability is that he doesn't want to keep the appointment, not that he doesn't have time.

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this is true not only for dinner dates, but also for Wechat chat and so on.

if you send a message to someone, the other person always refuses to reply. It's not that he doesn't see it or doesn't have time to reply, it's just that he doesn't reply to you.


No one can't live without each other

sometimes there is no need to wronge yourself

first, don't think of yourself as so important;

second, don't think of others as so important.

if a relationship makes you feel painful and requires you to work hard to maintain it, you can let it go.

seriously, no one is really inseparable from each other, and very often, there is really no need to blindly injure oneself in order to cater to and please others.

when you turn around and leave, you will find how stupid you used to be and how sour life is now.

one of the most important rules in the adult world is to live happily.